Monday, August 25, 2008

2nd place!!!

well i didn't win the first place trophy for overall points at our local fair in the photog. section but i came second so i can't complain. Several of the pics on my blogs were entered and earned me ribbons, some of the judges decisions had me baffled but i guess thats the thing with personal preference, i look forward to next years fair with a new judge hopefully. As for sharing more photos from summer and a picture a day.........i've not been taking many lately but i'll post a few from august. My daughters sweet 16, the fair, my sons first solo plane trip, etc.

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Photo a Day

there is a challenge to take and post a photo a day over at DPS and although i take at least one picture daily i don't always download or post them but it is great just finding things to capture......trips to town are never taken without my camera cause you just never know what you might see.. so while my kids and i are at bible camp this coming week i will try and capture some interesting things with my camera - between preparing meals :)

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Bugs n Blooms

It finally feels like summer....the weather has been nice and hot for swimming in the pool...the flowers are blooming in my garden and I'm having fun watching the birds.......and I got my close up filter set in the mail yesterday (along with a few other filters and a battery grip for my camera) so i'm having a good time playing with those and seeing things CLOSE UP. here ya go for the day....I took tonnes of pics over the long weekend at the Heinricks Family Reunion but haven't edited and looked through them so will be putting them up later today hopefully.

Thursday, June 19, 2008

At last..........

ive been spotting the gosslings out on the dugouts but always too far away to capture with my 200mm lens and see them clearly so today was the day......we snuck under the fence and discovered them hiding with mom in the reeds.

AND how cool is Mr Yellow bird.....dh discovered them at my new feeder and we have never seen any like them in the yard or around before....and they aren't in the Alberta bird book so share if you know what he is... there were 2 pairs and of course the guys were the lookers :) I hope they come back cause this was taken through the screen in a hurry..i would love another chance.

And a baby coyote pup for your viewing pleasure....isn't he cute.