Saturday, August 6, 2011

most recent

and here are a few taken this summer, (some with "g")....did I mention how excited I am to have joined the GP Photo club and booked a spot in a workshop for september with some talented instructors!!! 

(was trying to come up with a catchy name instead of Corry H photography, any suggestions?.... Corry's captures maybe?)

I'm BACK!!

Ok, I really haven't gone anywhere......I've just taken a bit of a break it seems in my photo taking the past while, kids are older (one's moved out) and it seemed there was nothing "happening" to get excited about capturing on camera...... thats not to say I didn't have some great photo opportunities like my last trip to Norway or a week at the lake....but it seems getting pictures edited and printed is a big enough job (because I still love to scrapbook) without the extra time to devote to posting online somewhere,  like here!

But I'm going to try and do a better job, update often and hope that I get a few more followers :) 

I'm very excited about my newest piece of gear, a Canon G12!! I am loving this little dynamo because it fits in my PURSE and so I have no excuse not to have a camera with me at all times..(besides my iphone)...not that I don't still love my Rebel (gotta have that telephoto for wildlife/birds) but its just BIG.  So enjoy a view through my lens.....and please leave me comments and critiques so I know someone's out there! 

and theres a little highlight of the 2 weeks I spent with my mom visiting my brother and his family and touring the beautiful country of Norway.