Tuesday, February 28, 2012

The First 5 Months!!

I've been busy in the studio and doing shoots outside (in our lovely mild winter weather) in the 5 short months since I opened my photo studio and went into business.  It's been exciting to have repeat clients in my home already and I am looking forward to growing my client list by attending a local trade show this weekend in Bonanza.

I'm so grateful to the GP Photo Club members for all their friendly help and advice and their willingness to help those of us just starting out in this business.  It's sure to be an adventure and I anticipate meeting lots of fabulous people along the way and I hope I can capture some memories for them.

Here are some highlights of  the winters sessions.  I have been posting on my FB Fan page regularly but since not everyone is a fan of  facebook I will share here as well (until I have a formal website).